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Monday, March 25, 2013

Freepers Freaking Out at the Prospect of an End to the Bigot Carnival

The haters and stoopids of muscular gun-totin' white-racist baby Jeebus are sniffing the tipping point in the wind and the comments section at Free Republic is veritable freeporn for the Army of Lovers:
I am just SO DAMN SICK OF QUEERS!!!! Our great country is going round and round the toilet bowl and all it can think about is these demented degenerates being able to say “meet my wife, his name is Ned”, or “meet my husband, her name is Suzy”.
Why, oh why, do the patridiots hate the pursuit of so slightly different a happiness than theirs, why oh why do they so hate the freedom they love? Ah, how I love to feed, Feed, FEED on their delicious, sweet, sputtering, impotent rage!

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