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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Does Assholery Have Iron Laws?

Although it is not really relevant to the argument I made in the prior post, I have seen several folks make the point that people will not be seduced into the googleplex through its preferred gambit of offering free stuff once enough of the people learn that even the palpably awesome free stuff Google offers won't be supported for long. This adds to the point I made (that everybody should already know), namely, that profitability cannot sustain conspicuously useful or possibly even indispensable public goods for long if at all yet another point I did not make (that everybody should also already know), namely, that the logic of profitability often eventuates even in the inability to sustain private profitability itself. Looting the public for parochial private interests is all too often followed next by looting the quality of private goods for still more parochial gains that render profitability unsustainable as well. Was it Marx who said that assholery is always unsustainable, and that capitalism always enables assholery? Or was that somebody else?

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Black guy from the future past said...

Film based on the book "Death Of The Liberal Class" by Chris Hedges. Basically Hedges book turned into film. Directly attacks the assholery of capitalism.