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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

"We Come From Cyberspace, Home Of Glug Glug Glug…"

Companies like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Dell, LinkedIn, Intuit, Intel, Cisco, Citrix, Oracle and others all have headquarters situated in Silicon Valley and this hot spot for tech companies is also becoming a hot spot for sea level rise. Situated 3 to 10 feet below sea level, Silicon Valley is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change... So far, the companies have remained quiet on what their plans are, or if they have any...
No doubt the digital utopians will all have uploaded into cyberangels by then. And everybody knows there is no climate change in Holodeck Heaven!


Anonymous said...

So THAT is why Steve Jobs was building that hideous super Yacht!

jollyspaniard said...

Internet companies don't last long enough to be effected by sea level rise. Think Compuserve and America Online.