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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Universities Are Either About Access To Knowledge Or They Are Not

Tenure is a special public affordance, and to those to whom much is given much is rightly demanded. Tenure reviews should give absolutely no consideration to any writing or result that is not made freely available to the general public, without any fees, access restrictions, or proprietary/security expurgations at all.


Summerspeaker said...

This one I like. I consider tenure bollocks, of course, but change in this direction would be better than nothing. But currently most journals I'm familiar with require $ for access.

Dale Carrico said...

The actual education, agitation, organization it would require to implement the principle, and the actual valuable work of the resulting academy, would all require too much ambivalent judgment and sacrifice and effort for you to continue to like it when it came down to actually doing anything about it, so don't worry you can still stupidly pretend I'm awfullest evilest evah as usual.