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Friday, January 29, 2010

A Higher Percentage of Americans Believe Guardian Angels Are Real Than Know the Fact That No Republicans Voted For Health Care Reform

Given the implications of the latter, it is to be hoped that the former are right.

(They're not.)

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jimf said...

> . . .Believe Guardian Angels Are Real. . .

Last night I happened to catch Turner Classic Movies' tribute to Jean Simmons (hosted by Robert Osborne, of course)

The movie remains an engrossing examination of the relationship among religion, con-artistry, and (anti)intellectualism in America.

The only criticism I have of Simmons' performance as Sister Sharon Falconer is that she hardly comes across as "Katy Jones from Shantytown." On the other hand, she does add "I am Sharon Falconer now! I've made her. . . [I have] a right to be her!"


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