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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mass Debacle

Well, the bright side is that Democrats don't have to pretend to have a supermajority that never actually existed and that caused them to be endlessly blamed for not achieving widely desired outcomes (by the American people and by most Democrats as well) that were simply impossible because of the de facto veto power of the most conservative Senators voting with the Democratic caucus. I would like to think that the palpable irrelevance of the loathed Joe Lieberman will remove his ugly face from its constant presence on my tee vee, also. But, even so, it's disgusting and pathetic beyond words that this vapid style-over-substance faux-populist crap campaign put a male centerfold in a Senate seat representing educated, secular, liberal Massachusetts (even if it is only for two years).

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RadicalCoolDude said...

What I find sad is how during the past year you have spent soooo much time this promoting this narrative which portrays Obama as The Most Progressive President Ever (rather than the Clintonian compromiser has he turned out to be) and the Republican Party as a relic going the way of the Whig Party (despite how mainstream political discourse was letting the GOP off the hook for the mess they left us) all the while criticizing and ridiculing anyone who dared to question said narrative to sound a warning about the debacle that was sure to come...

Perhaps the bright side for readers of this blog is Dale Carrico finally coming down from his ivory tower to really listen to what other people are saying.

-Your Peer