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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why Oh Why Is Obama Declaring War on the Serious Patriotic Journalists of Fox News?

Who can say?


jimf said...

Yep. The favorite channel of New Jersey diners.

Dale Carrico said...

Fewer people actually tune in to Fox Noise than read dKos -- tho' on dKos they make secondary conduct with the Noise in their many derisive and deconstructive clips and critiques so matters are complicated. Just as the punditocracy was mystified through the Clinton Impeachment hysteria that Clinotn remained enormously popular throughout, so too they find themselves mystified that the Public Option remained almost untouched in its strong support throughout the Summer of the Teabag Express, and find it poised to become a center piece of healthcare reform after they declared it many times dead. All they had to do was run the numbers and their mystification would have ceased. But as we all well know the gossip-columnists prefer press-release stenography to reportage and their "analysis" tends to eternally reconfirm their prejudice that the white-racist patriarchal gay-hating gun-toting greed-head Christianists really are the Real Murcans just like they say they are, when in fact the great overabundant majority of Americans are in fact reasonably tolerant browning secularists aggravated by the abuses of pampered self-appointed elites. That is to say, that most of America left that dumb hick hometown and grew accustomed to diversity and desirous of good governance at more or less the same time the pundits did with the consequence that, one, the pundits are entirely wrong about the country they think they are living in and, two, they are unlikely to change this view because in addition to making them wrong most of the time it feeds their most cherished error that they are smarter and better than everybody else even when everybody else finds this increasingly absurd. To watch news media uncritically -- the insanity of Fox Noise even more conscpicuously than the inanity of corporate media more generally -- is too readily to be seduced or hypnotised into their lazy cynical opportunistic self-congratulatory delusions about the Real Murca (some kind of Lynchian Mayberry in which Texas without Austin swallows the whole of the continent in a Christianist Megachurch) at the cost of an enervating theft of the plentifully available and diverse energy and intelligence which are the substance of hope for emancipatory democratization, for no good reason and to no good purpose. My guess is that there are plenty of Diners in New Jersey where they aren't playing Fox or would be open to changing the channel.

jimf said...

> My guess is that there are plenty of Diners in
> New Jersey where they aren't playing Fox or
> would be open to changing the channel.

Well, maybe, but I'm not keen on the idea of driving to
Princeton for my eggs Benedict. If nothing else it would
be. . . unGreen. ;->