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Monday, July 06, 2009

Pondering Palin

Atrios draws our attention to the oddness of the choice of the word "disenfranchised" to describe the confusion, alienation, and belligerence of anti-tax anti-government corporate-militarist gun-nut paranoid-conspiracist Christianist (or sometimes Randroidal) white racist patriarchal wingnut bigots as they suddenly realize that they are a self-marginalizing and rather ridiculous minority, especially since they all are perfectly capable of voting while many devote considerable energies to ensuring that those with whom they disagree actually cannot.

Apparently these "disenfranchised" folks (who aren't) have found their champion in the spectacular Sarah Palin, although how her opting for a precarious spot in the right-wing media fulminocracy rather than finishing even a single term in actual elected office constitutes championing them in any sensible way is rather beyond me.

Are any of the so-called "leaders" of the GOP actually in office anymore? Rush, Newt, Beck, and now Moose-lady… I mean, given GOP hostility to actual governance, there is a certain fitness in this curious evacuation, but, then, it's probably best not to expect too much in the way of sense from that crowd, when all is said and done as they retreat to their survivalist cave complexes and walled burbclaves.

Eric is rather amused to note that one is finding a lot of strong Palin hate out there in blogland -- on the right. Apparently, Republicans and their assorted orbiting secessionists and End-Timers are either praising Palin to the skies or reading her for absolute filth this morning, and there is little in-between. Although the crybabies of the right are always eager to whimper about liebrul haters hating on La Palin, it would appear that most liberals are either perplexed or amused by her behavior, feeling little threatened by her surreal antics at this point, and are leaving the actual hate-bacchanal to Republicans themselves.


Kate said...

Wait, so Palin didn't finish her term as mayor of Wasilla either?

This might seem a little off-topic, but I was bothered by your referring to her as Moose Lady. How are Moose exotic? They're all over Northern US and Canada. It caricatures all kinds of people alongside Palin, just because they happen to be Moose hunters. I'm not at all a fan of hunting, but being from Maine I take it a little personally when people seem to consider Moose to be nothing more than something to poke fun at. Regardless of how goofy they seem (I wouldn't be surprised to learn they're genetically related to Camels), I know many people who have lost family members to moose crashings, or have hit a moose themselves.

So referring to Palin as "Moose Lady" wasn't funny to me. It was trivializing a mildly offensive. And I am almost as liberal as you are, and agree with almost everything else you said in this article. Again, I apologize for the tangential nature of this comment.

Dale Carrico said...

When I think of Palin I think of Moose. I can't say that the association seems to me particularly "exotic." I also can't quite grasp what makes it even mildly offensive, frankly. But I am sorry to have caused you tangential distress.