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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Governator and Republican Minority Take Hostage California Over the Edge

The IOUs and furloughs and shutdowns and sell-offs begin. The Republican-Libertopian dream of re-writing California in the image of Somalia continues apace.

The apparently irrepressible infantile aggressive greedhead id that is today's Republicanism is doing what it always does best here in California as elsewhere, stubbornly refusing to face facts when it thinks there might be some money to be made or some angle to muscle in on, all the while yawning in indifference or mean-spirited satisfaction as the ash-heap spreads and deepens all around and vulnerable people suffer pointlessly and their potentials are constrained to the cost of everyone.

I am terribly worried that under-informed and mis-informed Californian citizens will continue to blame "Sacramento" and "politicians" in general for this disaster, or, worse, pretend that all this is just the economic crisis writ large because, naturally enough, California is also large, or even worse indulge in weirdly self-congratulatory odes to an inherent "ungovernability" arising somehow from the awesome free-spiritedness of our people.

All of these facile wrongheaded narratives will too likely have the consequence that the Democratic majority presently struggling to overcome Republican anti-government anti-tax ideologues will be disproportionately punished by righteously angry voters, all too likely bringing more Republicans into power here to exacerbate the problems further still.

The only hope is that the arcane 2/3rds rule that gives a stubborn minority of right-wing ideologues the power to dictate policy contrary to sense and to popular will be repeatedly exposed and clearly explained by National media, to filter back to the state level, especially since the vapid fully-corporatized celebrity-obsessed California press has demonstrated itself to be worse than useless in this regard by now.

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