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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ooh, Pretty!

Robin's redone hyper-textual ontology, and it's gorgeous. Check it out and don't forget to genuflect in her general direction!


Robin Zebrowski said...

Aww thanks Dale!

Actually, you don't need to update links - it should eventually be at the same URL as the old site. You got an early preview since I hadn't moved it yet :) The last of the style details should be taken care of today or tomorrow, and it should be at the regular ol' URL after that!

(And genuflect toward Joshua instead of me - I design these things in my head, but he makes them real with his magical coding skills!) :)

Dale Carrico said...

Thanks! All the linkies are all fixed back. But, hey, it's my party and I'll genuflect where I want to! :)