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Saturday, May 07, 2016

Joyfully Running the Gauntlet of Hillary Haters

Already one of the most iconic images from Campaign 2016, on display here is the ugly vitriol of that vocal minority of Sanders supporters who are not content to vote and argue for their candidate but energetically harass the supporters of Hillary Clinton online and elsewhere and demonize the brilliant, tough, competent, hard-working, compromised and compromising, world-famous, unprecedentedly-qualified progressive woman who is the Democratic frontrunner by millions of votes, hundreds of pledged delegates, hundreds more superdelegate endorsements from the colleagues who will work with the next President within the party both candidates seek to lead, an image almost out of 1960s, a solitary woman joyfully and defiantly testifying to her judgment and enthusiasm in the face of a throng of angry, bitter men.

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