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Saturday, August 16, 2014

They Still Have T-Paw

It's fairly hilarious how all these GOP Golden Boy governors, from McDonnell to Christie to Perry to Walker were crowing about the White House and now may be going to the jailhouse. Of course, the Republican "Deep Bench" was always a Village hallucination. To find it benched as we head into yet another clown college primary is simply a re-awakening into the reality that the GOP is now shaped far more by the demands of Hate Radio rather than government and hence that the horse race narratives preferred by Village hacks are simply not going to be plausible for some time to come. At least, I suppose, Villagers will still have pundit Paris of "both sides do it" and the fluffing of the genius of doll-eyed dolt Randroid Ryan and the civil libertarianism of neo-confederate racist Randroid Paul and the resolute foreign policy chops of Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran Grampy McAncient to console them as the party of evil AND stoopid commits suicide while trying to commit genocide before our eyes.

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