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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

ACA Fixes Can Take Us Closer to Single Payer

The problem of a loss of healthcare coverage through the employment-underemployment-unemployment churn of low-income citizens who are only periodically eligible for the medicare expansion is probably best and most smoothly solved by allowing ongoing buy-in for medicare whenever one becomes eligible so that they remain covered through periods of ineligibility, say, for three years or so. Such a voluntary buy-in for medicare would function in turn as a pilot program for medicare buy-in for those who retire early or to provide coverage for those who work for companies the patriarchal-religionist convictions of the owners of which seek to restrict access to legal, ACA mandated women's healthcare, and eventually as the cost-effective public option available to every citizen. Expansion and support of non-profit state healthcare co-ops provided for by ACA provide comparable opportunities for expansion into a better more rational system. Fixes don't always have to be concessions to plutocratic reactionaries seeking to destroy a system the ridiculous complexities and dysfunctions of which exist arose mostly through the concessions made to plutocratic reactionaries in the first place.

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