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Friday, August 24, 2012

Older -- An Amor Mundi Birthday Ritual

This time it's forty-seven.


Nato said...


jimf said...

Sweetie, take a peek out the windows.
Are the buzzards circling?

jimf said...

Things to look forward to:

(I'm allowed to point this out because I'm
considerably further along to road to senility
than you are. ;-> )

That reminds me -- there's an incredibly bad
movie I happened to stumble into on YouTube
the other day:

_Live Again, Die Again_

Donna Mills is resurrected from cryostasis after 35 years
by a Walter Pidgeon who has lost all his feathers and is
now on his death bed himself, and her children
(Mike Farrell and Vera Miles) are older than she is.
Not everybody is thrilled to have her back -- especially,
as it turns out, the housekeeper (Geraldine Page).

The movie is one of the worst I've ever seen -- not even
Geraldine Page can save it, though she's the best thing
about it.