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Friday, July 20, 2012

List of Mass Shootings in the United States Since 2005

Provided by the Brady Campaign. As you may already have heard by now, it's over sixty pages long. As George W. Bush would say, "uniquely American."


jimf said...

Oh, these things have nothing to do with **guns**, silly!

It all happens because of gays and the ACLU.

Dale Carrico said...

It is encouraging to notice that the god-guns-gays strategy and the Southern Strategy look to be collapsing more or less simultaneously.

Although I am incensed by the sullen silence of so many Dems on guns right about now I must say that there is also more push-back than I expected, already more than the Giffords shooting occasioned, perhaps inflected by the Martin case, suggesting the politics are ready to shift here as they already have on queer issues and are beginning to on the treatment of religious minorities (atheists like us, probably no such luck for a while more, unfortunately).

Anyway, I didn't expect the demographics to shift so much so quickly myself, and if it weren't for the realities of anthropogenic climate change and of the corporate capture of the election system and regulatory apparatus I would actually be feeling rather rosy about the prospects for progress in the years to come as I ripen like cheese.

I expect lots of heartbreak and needless suffering and death and rage... but there are possibilities afoot. I definitely don't feel like I used to down in the depths of the Killer Clown Administration.

Rush's audience is rushing for the exits, and America is diversifying and secularizing fast. The entrenched money issue is terrible, but I think you might find it amazing how quickly a progressive tax policy and a couple more liberals at the Supreme Court can change things from impossible to possible for the better.