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Saturday, July 17, 2010

What Futurists Want

Futurists want you to think there is such a thing as "Technology in General" which is going somewhere in particular that only they know about because only they understand the language in which "Technology in General" declares what it wants.

In short, they are just another cohort of bamboozling Priests who are passing the collection plate.


jimf said...

_Los Angeles Citizen News_
January 30, 1965
"Male Call" by Joan Schmitt

"Jeff [Hunter]'s big enthusiasm at the moment is a pilot he's just
finished for a new Desilu television series that will hopefully be
on the air in the fall. It's a science fiction show -- year 2000,
with Jeff playing an American cosmonaut [sic] who patrols the
galaxy in a 190,000-ton space city. . .

'. . . They're calling it "Star Trek." [', says Hunter. '] The thing
that intrigues me most about the show is that it is actually
based on the Rand Corp projection of things to come. Except for
the fictional characters, it will almost be like getting a look
into the future and some of the predictions will surely come true
in our life-time."


Dale Carrico said...

Yes, the multicultural democratic socialist ethos of the Rand Corporation is legendary! No doubt the futurological "predictions that will surely come true in our lifetimes" referred to the warp drives and transporters that presently pimple our landscape.