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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vicious Circle Jerk

Congress has a twenty percent approval rating, largely because of the pain and fear of joblessness in this "recovery-qua-still-further-wealth-concentration" we are abjectly living through. The Republican minority has clearly decided that they will benefit from this hostility to Congress and gain seats in a general anti-incumbency wave, despite the fact that it is their overwhelming obstructionism that is keeping Congress from doing anything meaningful about this pain and fear (like today's failure, yet again, to extend unemployment benefits). A flood of ads needs to be targeted directly at States whose Republican representatives and candidates are opportunistically seeking to benefit from these profoundly heartless and irresponsible strategies. Only by informing the people who are being played in this manner can the terms of these vicious and destructive games be altered or ended. These cynical obstructionist tactics should ruin Republican chances for election, not strengthen them. The facts and the values are on our side, but they cannot do their wholesome work unless they are communicated effectively to those whose actual votes will render the decisive verdicts in the matter. Elections are opportunities for education, and we must seize them.

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