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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Trojan Elephants Demand Constant Vigilance

Calitics is keeping their eyes peeled. They reported the demise Friday (one hopes not a premature report) of the dirty tricks campaign to steal a handful of California's electoral votes through a highly selective opportunistic embrace of pseudo-populism in an effort to keep the Killer Clowns in charge against the wishes of overabundant majorities of the American people. This demise resulted from excellent reporting and organizing in which Calitics bloggers themselves had no small part (note their excellent report later Friday on the Giuliani fundraiser who was funneling most of the cash into the dirty tricks effort). On Saturday they went on to call our attention to this declaration from a California GOP muckety-muck:
"The issue is so hot, it's going to continue on," said Tony Andrade, a Sacramento Republican who had actually submitted his own electoral vote initiative, but then deferred to Hiltachk's effort. "People are lining up signing these petitions. There's a lot of enthusiasm for this from a political point of view."

"Given the cost of gathering the signatures," writes Brian Leubitz in the Calitics post, "it's quite a longshot[, especially] with the establishment seemingly ditching the Dirty Tricks Initiative, but" -- and this is the crucial thing -- "keep your eyes" open on this one. Calitics definitely looks like the best place to do that.

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