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Monday, July 30, 2007

Robert Novak Pines for Absolute Monarchy, Calls Democracy "Disgusting"

[via Think Progress] “I thought it was really disgusting," said Republican insider Robert Novak of the immensely successful YouTube Presidential Debate. Most Republicans seem to feel the same way. Not to put too fine a point on it, Republicans hate People Powered Politics because they hate the People. Hyperbole on my part, you say? Novak continued: “You know when we did away with the monarchy... there was a lot of fear that this sort of thing would happen."

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Robin said...

In this same way this shocks you and I (and I like to believe that his supporters would be mortified) I actually think this is just what some people want to hear. Republican supporters want to be led, and cast off all responsibility for the actions of their government. I think many of those people would be just fine with a Republican declaring that a return to monarchy would be a good thing.

And that's the sort of difference that I don't see both sides coming together on!