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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

MundiMuster! Some Rights for Great Apes

[via The Great Ape Project]
Great Apes Need Your Help! The Spanish Parliament is scheduled to consider a resolution supporting legal rights for non-human great apes at the end of June. This resolution recognizes the need for some basic legal protections and rights that will protect non-human great apes from mistreatment, slavery, torture, death and extinction.

The proposed proposition:

The Parliament demands the Government to declare its adhesion to the Great Ape Project and to undertake the actions necessary in the international round tables and organizations, for the protection of The Great Apes from miss treatment, slavery, torture, death and extinction.

Please take just a few minutes to let the Spanish government know that there is worldwide support for this important legislation. You can do this by posting a comment on the Great Ape Project's website in Spain by clicking on and selecting "libro de visitas"

1 comment:

Tom FitzGerald said...

Thanks for offering a great chance for some worthy net activism, Dale.

I just wish my Spanish weren't so atrocious....