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Saturday, September 03, 2005

MundiMuster! Code Pink Katrina

[via Code Pink]
In the wake of the horrific devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, further compounded by the Bush Administration's disastrous response, the women and men of CODEPINK are fully mobilized to be of service in every way possible. It is heart-wrenching to see the disconsolate faces of our brothers and sisters begging their nation for help. Most tragic are the anguished images of unsheltered mothers, clutching hungry babies while searching for food. All this, while our critically needed National Guard, the homeland's primary protectors, are deployed to battle an illegal, unjustifiable war. Tragically, the misdeeds of the Federal Government have shredded America's ability to take care of its own. Nearly 40% of our National Guard and Army reservists are currently fighting in Iraq. And while the National Guard of each state serves under authority of the Governor, the Bush Administration has commandeered their critical services, forced them overseas, and depleted America's own strength at home.

These atrocious policies, which have severely weakened our nation, increase the urgent need for the women and men of CODEPINK, and the rest of America, to RISE UP TO HELP. Please do whatever you can. CODEPINK has compiled the following ways you can contribute to help alleviate this unprecedented tragedy.

1. Donate Blood, Blood for Life and Not for Oil. Contact or call 1-800—GIVELIFE. You can make your own individual appointment or go as a group. San Diego CODEPINK is organizing a group donation on Sunday.

2. Support our CODEPINK Austin and Houston efforts to aid victims flooding into their cities. This includes support for housing, clothing and food needs, and special needs of women and infant children.

3. Send much needed supplies to CAMP CASEY III, in Covington LA. Veterans and other Camp Casey Alumni have set up a relief station at Reverend Peter Atkins Park on the corner of 28th and Tyler in Covington, Louisiana. Today we sent 2 huge boxes of medical supplies.

4. Create a visible presence at your Federal Building to demand full funding for Katrina relief efforts and to demand the National Guard return home from Iraq to support the relief efforts. Bay Area CODEPINK will be in front of the San Francisco and Oakland Federal Buildings from 4:30pm-6pm on Tuesday. You can pick Tuesday or any day of your choosing for your local action. Let us know what you have planned. (Contact: and put Katrina in the subject.)

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Robin Zebrowski said...

I wish more people would post "give blood" reminders even when we aren't in a crisis. (And I'm no exception! I donate every 56 days, but hell if I ever remember to tell other people how easy it is!)

I think it's especially cool that many organizations are making themselves visible as non-religious charities for Katrina. SHARE (via the Center for Inquiry), which is a specifically secular charity organized specifically for being a non-religious alternative charity (so FEMA can stop sending all that money to Pat Robertson!), and the Rainbow World Fund, a GLBT community also sending aid, to name a few. It makes me happy to see people helping one another without it being a religious responsibility.

So thanks for posting this! :)