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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

MundiMuster! Keep Partisan Spin Off Your PBS Station

[via MoveOn] The current Chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Kenneth Tomlinson, is pushing explicitly partisan programming onto your local PBS station. Now it's time to push back.

Tomlinson spent our tax dollars on a major new show with the notoriously right-wing editorial board of the Wall Street Journal. Under the guise of "balance," Tomlinson is giving yet another soapbox to powerful allies of the White House and short-changing investigative journalism on PBS.

Please call your local PBS station today, let them know you are aware they are once again under attack by shortsighted partisan Republicans and that you support them when they provide real journalism and programming that reflects the real diversity of the American experience. Can you call them today? You could say something as simple as:

"I'm a big supporter of PBS and this station. Please keep Kenneth Tomlinson's partisan spin off the air. I don't want to see those pro-Bush pundits from the Wall Street Journal —- I want real journalism."

PBS Stations in my own neck of the woods are:




KTEH/Channel 54

It is easy to find contact information for your own local station. Just tap your zip code into the form available here at the site, and it will direct you to the contact information you need in a split second.

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