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Monday, January 09, 2017

From Philosophy to Futurology

Philosophy, originating in bad-faith denials of its rhetoricity, has always been an alientaed pseudo-science. But philosophy pressured by the norms and forms of promotion and marketing becomes something even more alienated and pseudo-scientific: futurology.

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jimf said...

Foom and doom: why global warming isn't the most pressing threat
(after, uh, global war?):
the state of the rationality, 2017: why artificial intelligence
will kill us all before global warming

so! what’s eliezer yudkowsky been up to?

Hey, there's only one degree of separation now between
EY <--> Peter Thiel <--> Our President Donald Trump

That would be entertaining, seeing The Donald getting all
hopped up about the dangers of AI.

Worth hauling out the popcorn popper. ;->