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Friday, June 01, 2012

Criticizing Transhumanism Is A Hate Crime Now?

Giulio Prisco sure has him some interesting views:
Carrico's "arguments" boil down to "You are a filthy Robot Cultist, so you are not qualified to have opinions on serious political issues." These are the same "arguments" often used by those homophobes who say "You are a filthy gay, so you are not qualified to have opinions on serious political issues," so they are quite surreal when they come from a gay rights activist like Carrico.
Picnicking on the comments sections of various folks who have drawn attention to my "Unbearable Stasis of 'Accelerating Change'" piece one finds lots and lots of stuff that is more idiotic, more deceptive, more weird than this comment. Don't get me wrong, Prisco here is definitely being terribly idiotic, deceptive, and weird. But the reason it is worthwhile to draw attention to this awful statement is because, just so you know, Prisco isn't some low-level disregarded disreputable transhumanoid hanger-on (I mean, apart from the sense in which that is a reasonably good description of all superlative futurological types), he is a widely respected widely cited "thought leader" within their "movement" and a high-level officer in many of their membership organizations, even the more stealthily-mainstreaming think-tank efforts flogging for the Robot Cult, like IEET.

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jimf said...

> Prisco isn't some low-level disregarded disreputable transhumanoid
> hanger-on. . ., he is a widely respected widely cited "thought leader"
> of their "movement"
[Giulio Prisco] is also a member of the advisory board of the Lifeboat Foundation and a founding member of the Order of Cosmic Engineers, and the Turing Church, fledgling organizations which claim that the benefits of a technological singularity, which would come from accelerating change, should or would be viable alternatives to the promises of major religious groups.

Prisco has been repeatedly at odds with technocritic Dale Carrico who argues that transhumanism is technological utopianism turned into a new religious movement. Prisco agrees but counters that transhumanism is an “unreligion” because it offers many of the benefits of religion without its drawbacks.

> Criticizing Transhumanism Is A Hate Crime Now?

Well, if Transhumanism or Singularitarianism is a religion (or even an "unreligion"), then I suppose its practitioners may feel they have a right to play the "hurt-feelings card"
(as Daniel Dennett calls it in
The Four Horsemen: Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris and Dennett 1/12 ).

Or perhaps, as the Scientologists allegedly do, they will petition legislators for protection from "hate speech" such as that directed against them on this blog. :-/
The Church of Scientology has been throwing the term "hate group" around a lot. If two or more people dare to criticize the church, the Church of Scientology inevitably cries "Hate Group"!

And now it's reported that the Church of Scientology is supporting and advocating legislation to increase penalties and restriction on "hate groups"...
The celebrity-studded Church of Scientology in Australia wants negative media reports about the controversial religion outlawed.

Scientology, which boasts members including Tom Cruise, said it wanted a law “to prevent the dissemination of anti-religious propaganda in the media, which is based on unfounded hearsay and either known or reasonably known to be untruthful”.

Churches and individuals who have been “defamed” should be able to sue for damages, the religious organisation said in a submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission.