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Saturday, October 23, 2010

This Week's White Guys of "The Future" Report

It's that time again!

Time to visit the terribly serious technoprogressive futurologists at the stealth Robot Cult outfit IEET, the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies.

Sadly, I must report again this week that, just like last week, of all the faces of featured authors to be seen on the website this afternoon there is not a single face that is not the face of a white guy.

Let there be no doubt, the Robot Cultists of serious transhumanism have seen "The Future," my friends.

And "The Future" is a white penis.

And yet, only a minority of people in the world are white guys. Only a minority of people with whom tomorrow will be made and shared are white guys. Only a minority of people in the world impacted by technodevelopmental changes are white guys. Only a minority of people in the world who are well informed and have important things to say about matters of technoscience are white guys.

The rather relentless non-representativeness I have been documenting week after week after week for months now over at IEET, supposedly the most "academic," "moderate," "respectable" of the membership organizations in the futurological Robot Cult archipelago, has long seemed to me to represent just one of the more obvious symptoms of the profound marginality of what I call superlative sub(cult)ural futurology.

For more of my critique of the glaring conceptual and political problems with these White Guys of "The Future" I recommend interested readers begin with my Condensed Critique of Transhumanism.

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