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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Futurology Against Ecology

1. GWOT Against Green, August, 2007
2. Amor Mundi, November, 2007
3. Vandana Shiva on Resource Descent and Permaculture Politics, November, 2007
4. Consumerism Forever! February, 2008
5. Futurological Immaterialism and Neoliberal Immaterialism, March, 2009
6. Paul Krugman Delineates the Next Guiding Economic Narrative, September, 2009
7. Futurology Is the Quintessential and Consummating Discourse of the Unwholesome Whole That Is Neoliberal/Neoconservative Corporate-Militarism, November, 2009
8. Hole Earth, January, 2010, revised August, 2010
one -- Stewart Brand, King of Pop Futurology
two -- Surveying the Greenback-Green Futurological Litany
three -- All Futurisms Tend to be Functionally Retro-Futuristic in Their Political Substance.
9. Facile Futurology in the Gulf, June, 2010
10. "Geo-Engineering" As Futurological Greenwashing, August, 2010
11. Chris Mooney Responds, Monday, August 9, 2010
12. "Geo-Engineering" Is A Declaration of War That Doesn't Care About Democracy , August, 2010
13. There Is No "Plan B," August, 2010
14. My "Geo-Engineering" "Denialism", August, 2010
15. "Geo-Engineering" and the "Ticking Time-Bomb," August, 2010
16. Quick, Futurological Escapists, to the Lifeboats! October, 2010
17. Mr. Burns As "Geo-Engineering" Archetype, October, 2010
18. The Futurological Gotcha and the Desperation of the "Geo-Engineers," October, 2010
19. What's New in "Geo-Engineering"? January, 2011.
20. Cradle to Cradle As Conventional Right Wing Anti-Government Ideology, February, 2011
21. From "The Great Stagnation" to a Great Awakening, June, 2011
22. Reactionary Fruits of Futurology, "Geo-Engineering" Edition, June, 2011. [See also: Reactionary Fruits of Futurology: Social Security Edition]
23. The Deep Anti-Ecology of Futurological "Geo-Engineering," June, 2011.
24. Against the Seduction of the Left by Reactionary Futurology, August, 2011.
25. Slavoj Zizek, Our Heir to George Carlin, Does His Standup At Occupy Wall Street, October, 2011.
26. Robot Cultist Declares Need for Holiday Counting Chickens Before They Are Hatched, February, 2012.
27. Mo Nukes, February, 2012.
28. "Geo-Engineering" As Right Wing War and Revolution, March, 2012.
29. What Are People Really Talking About When They Talk About "Geo-Engineering"? March, 2012.
30. Corporate Military "Geo-Engineering" Fantasies Are A Vision of "Democracy" and "Environmentalism" Only A Right Wing Libertopian Could Love, May, 2012.
31. Is "Geo-Engineering" Just Gardening? November, 2012.
32. Chemtrail Conspiracists, November, 2012.
33. "Driverless Cars" As Dead-Ender Car Culture Apologia, January 7, 2013.
34. Car Culture Is A Futurological Catastrophe, January 14, 2014.
35. A Clash of Spontaneisms: Howard Kunstler on Thomas Piketty, April 29, 2014.

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