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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sunday Walk

It felt quite cold this morning as we struck out into the neighborhood for our long walk and brunch at the Piedmont Avenue Cafe, but we soon enough felt hot under our layers in the sunlight. Morcom Rose Garden was even emptier than usual here between the big marquee holidays, but the ramshackle blooms were charming and all the lovelier for being sporadic. Water cascaded down the long stepped fountain to pool among pink petals, all for us. A beautiful day. Just discovered I'm teaching a second course this upcoming Spring, an undergraduate survey replicating my critical theory seminar more or less so the prep won't be too onerous. We can always use the money! For now, tho', I'm continuing to take it easy, binging science fiction and Hollywood musicals and Britsh detectives, reading a little intersectional feminism and snarky art criticism in the tub, what's not to like?

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