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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday Walk

I always say the same thing, a Sunday visit to our favorite diner on Piedmont Avenue then a stroll to one of our favorite places, this time one of our hikes through the back side of Mountain View cemetery, then scooped up some new kitten toys for Penny on the way back home. Tech neutrality gives way to cyberlibertarianism in my digital anti-democratization course, Critical Theory is all about Freud, psychoanalysis, and fetishism (some of his grossest most cisheteronormative stuff), then in Tuesday's grad seminar we turn from greenwashing design thinking to faux-democratizing design thinking via code. We're covering some of the same ground my digi class does so I'm hoping less prep may be necessary. Midterm grad reviews for my thesis students and grading papers is about to be larded on top of what has seemed a pretty demanding teaching term already. October is going to be a slog, possibly a good distraction from the crazymaking high stakes of the November elections looming ever closer from week to week...

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