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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sunday Walk

Another long walk with Eric through sunny bucolic neighborhoods, blue skies and golden light and fading flowers, with a lettace-crisp breeze to keep us company, from brunch at our Piedmont Avenue Diner and Bakery to a quiet contemplation of our favorite big city rose garden, as beautiful as always and mostly with the whole place to ourselves. Mean to spend the rest of this afternoon prepping Nietzsche and internet history, from Standage and Lessig to Safiya Noble. I'm usually a bundle of nerves Sundays before my long teaching day, stage-fright and worries about being underprepared plague me as always, interfering all too much with the straightforward pleasures of connecting with students over interesting ideas and problems together. Since my hospitalization and then the ongoing Trumpmerican clusterfuck I've had a hard time clawing my way back to comfort and confidence in the classroom, tho' I'm back to fitness and sleeping better at any rate these days, and hope a string of successful courses will nudge me back to the pleasures I long took in teaching before this more recent couple years of distress.

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