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Monday, September 24, 2018

Long Teaching Day

Off to the City soon, to teach my two undergraduate lectures back to back for six hours. Marxism and racist and/or market fundamentalist fantasies of "tech neutrality" will be the topics. Already tired, though my opinions on these subjects are passionate. Politics is a flabbergasting shitshow, I'm still not recovered from Dad's death and the familial chaos it has engendered, and in general I am still not in the world's best shape, forever battling at the edge of sleep deprivation, pervasive anxiety, and irritable depression. Clawing my way to modest pleasures, walks with Eric, watching Dr. Who and detective shows and cooking competitions, reading and talking theory with engaged students... even when the world is bleak and day to day challenges are painfully intense, life is well worth living and love a miracle to cherish.

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