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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Today's Teaching

We'll be picking up where we left off yesterday, with Bookchin's critique of Deep Ecology (which my students this time around are digging much more than in earlier iterations of the course for whatever reasons) then moving into eco-feminism and queer eco-feminism. There is a lot of righteous provocation but also loose-talking silliness in the early canon of eco-feminism (lots of what Bookchin would deride as "eco-la-la") and the queer eco-feminist work takes us right into current debates. I fear today will be a bit of a slog, despite my love of the material, because last night I woke just after four and couldn't get back to sleep, my head full of thoughts about school readings and the usual endless self-recriminations, a reminder of last winter's long desolating season of insomnia, now fortunately mostly behind me. Sleeplessness dulls my perceptions and shortens my temper, neither of which is conducive to facilitating class discussion, so I'll have to really be on my toes for the few hours of my intensive this afternoon. Feeling tired already. This is a long week, and getting longer.

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