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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sunday Walk and Upcoming Teaching

Finished up my grading yesterday and started prepping for next week's lectures. Eric and I had a slightly shorter stroll through St. Mary's cemetery this afternoon after brunch at our usual friendly diner. Everything was bright and beautiful again today, a wonderfully bracing blaze of light and a cool breeze with the scent of the Bay in it. Now it's back to the books again, reading up on indigenous water protectors and environmental activists in the context of treaty violations and colonial eliminationism, then attention to the trope of "peakness," whether the distraction of "peak oil" (burning available fossil fuels will destroy the world long before fossil fuels run out on their own), or other variations on descent, deforestation, species loss, aquifer depletion, antibiotics overprescription, and then for Thursday there should be a lively debate on the question "Can there be a green or even greener capitalism?" (My own answer of "probably not" and "probably there will have to be" opens me to both sides of the debate, at least enough to be a fairer judge than you might expect a democratic ecosocialist feminist could be on that particular question.)

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