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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday Walk And Upcoming Teaching

Halfway through teaching my second summer intensive at Berkeley, now just three weeks to go. Reading for discussions on environmental justice Tuesday, permaculture versus agriculture Wednesday, and eating practices (vegetarian, organic, local, and so much more) Thursday, with a potluck scheduled for our Green Eats discussion for good measure. Lots to cover as always, but actually environmental justice is the framework that I find most compelling, the permaculture discussions tend to be rather more optimistic than environmental lectures feel otherwise, chock full of ideas and alternatives as they are, and then the Green Eats day always feels rather festive, too, arriving at the end of week four, finals not yet underway and yet the home stretch palpably in view. All that said, I guess I'm rather looking forward to teaching this week, there should be lots of fun mixed in with the usual desolation and provocation. Eric and I had our usual Sunday brunch at the Piedmont Bakery and Diner and then took a nice long stroll to our Morcom Rose Garden. It felt quite like summer in the early afternoon heat, green leaves, buzzing nits, and streaming sunlight baking everything into torpor. The Rose Garden was nearly empty, just countless thousands of blooming rose bushes cascading among the fountains and pathways and little stone steps, unspeakably precious and lovely and scarcely anybody anywhere to take it all in but us, propping up our feet near our favorite bench and feeling the breeze stirring the bushes like nodding upturned faces. Seems strange to say it, what with the Trumpmerican horror show unfolding daily still, but things are seeming gently better for now, weeks have passed since insomnia was more than an occasional occurrence, yoga and walks are keeping Eric and I unprecedentedly thin and fit, teaching is going reasonably well, our kitten Penny is growing into her sweet silly full catdom quite adorably, Red Dwarf and Dr. Who are keeping us entertained when there is any kind of down time on offer, what's not to like?


jollyspaniard said...

I have done thousands of miles of hiking. Some of it quite hardcore. Walking is transformation.

Dale Carrico said...

It's been a revelation. My bond with my partner is much stronger and better given all the shared pleasurable time we spend walking together, building an archive of shared experiences and minute adventures, and of course I've maintained my 170 lbs. (after spending a year and a half since my hospitalization with diet and yoga and the rest losing about 110 lbs., tumbling from an unhealthy ponderous 285 lbs.), a general foundational healthfulness I attribute to all this walking and activity, a foundation of deep breathe and sound strength I've truly needed since the campaign season and its Brexit/Trump aftermath has made a hash of any fantasies I might have had (however ambivalently and ironically) about a diverse decent reasonable citizenry struggling past greed and fear and dirty tricks toward an equitable, consensual, sustainable Star Trek Federation for earthlings in some comprehensibly near-term future.

jollyspaniard said...

If you ever get the chance I recommend the Camino D' Santiago. It's something else and based on what you've just said I suspect you'd love it.

But you don't really need to go anywhere special if you've got the right company.