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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday Walk and Upcoming Teaching

Walked through sunny neighborhoods broiling with trees shaking their leaves and new blooms in purple and yellow craning their necks in the light. Delicious brunch at our diner and then a quiet stroll through Mountain View Cemetery. All my grading is done for the weekend and I am turning now to reading canonical texts in Deep Ecology and Eco-Feminism and Eco-Socialism for the three lectures and discussions upcoming this week in Green Rhetoric. Lots of radical connections get made in this week's texts, coming off of a week of Transcendentalists and racist Conservationists and preparing the way for Environmental Justice, Permaculture, and Green Eats next week, this week always feels something like the intellectual and emotional core of this environmental rhetoric course. This course moves so fast! A couple of weeks ago I was grading finals for Summer Session A, this time next week I'll be ready to scoop up midterm precises for Summer Session D, with just a few weeks left of the whole summer and the return to Fall teaching in the City looming.

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