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Monday, June 18, 2018

Upcoming Teaching

Another week's teaching begins. Tuesday finds me behind in my lecturing -- I still have some Nietzsche to talk about, and the correspondence of Gandhi and Tolstoy, which I mean to connect to Thoreau and Jane Addams. I'm handing back their mid-terms as well. I've got Fanon and Coates scheduled for Tuesday but suspect I may not get there what with all the material left from last week. That might mean Fanon and Arendt get taught together -- not the worst thing, since their two pieces on Violence are directly in conversation, but not the best thing either since usually I give Fanon a whole day's lecture and since I usually weave Foucault into my discussion of Arendt and it is hard to see how I can get through all that in the time remaining. This week will probably be fairly intense given the ground we need to cover. Thursday's class is given over to workshopping the thesis and opposition for their final papers so there's no extra time to play catch-up past Wednesday's class. We shall see. Today is given over to lecture prep, but also Eric and I usually take our cart to the Safeway Mondays to get the week's groceries and exercise together as well. Yesterday, we went for our Sunday walk and brunch at the Piedmont Cafe. The Morcom Amphitheater of Roses made its usual beautiful fragrant now-faded bloom-stuffed spectacle of itself while we soaked up the sun and chatted from various benches and vantages over the afternoon. Penny continues to grow apace -- she is teething and we have found a couple baby teeth here and there in recent weeks. She has been going to town on little plastic straws, which she gnaws to within an inch of their lives and with which she also adores playing catch. This summer has been hectic, but there's plenty to like about it. If it weren't for the ongoing Trumpmerican shipwreck I might have a real measure of contentment this term. Ah, well, the garbage man ruins everything for us all.

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