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Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Octavia Butler's Kindred today, possibly Arendt's "Must Eichmann Hang?" as well, which I didn't get around to last Thursday, but we'll see where discussion of the novel goes first. Tomorrow are selections from Judith Butler's Undoing Gender and Precarious Life. And evaluations, and probably a marathon session of office hours as final papers loom. Thursday's the last day, and it would be nice to put a bow on this term's themes, certainly lots of connections between Nietzsche Fanon Butler fall into place in these last assignments, but I'm already prepping for the next summer session intensive on environmentalist discourses which begins within days and I've got a mountain of work to grade before the next mountain to scale so we shall see.  

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DanCoyote said...

OB's Kindred blew my mind. I am not surprised you engage with this text in your class. What I would give to be sitting there again scratching my head trying to keep up! Cheers!