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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Teaching In Trumpmerica

Teaching the theory, history, and practice of nonviolent resistance while kill-or-be-killed Republicans throw babies in cages and blanket ban whole categories of people from "visiting" here (when millions already live and serve and share here and have done throughout our entire history as a Nation) and celebrate police killings of black people and force women to endure unwanted pregnancies and declare queers like me subhumans and dismantle healthcare coverage for millions of vulnerable people and worship guns while ridiculing the pain of kids who have lost friends and limbs to gun violence and attack voters in our democracy because they cannot prevail in fair elections and pretend climate catastrophe is unreal as it pointlessly destroys the world around us is a truly exhausting and exasperating business. In the eyes of the young people in my classes I see both hope and hopelessness and sometimes I truly do not know what to do with myself or what I can possibly do for them.

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