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Friday, April 13, 2018


President Trump’s favorable rating, already low by historical standards, has dropped to 38% — while his unfavorable rating is at 59%.
Does it mean anything? Who knows? Most of the bedwetting bully bigot idiot deplorables still love him; gerrymandering, disenfranchisement, and the electoral college still empower them; consumer complacency and purity cabaret (not to mention underinterrogated racism and greed) still undermine the solidarity of the more "decent" majority; fear and fecklessness competes with the comparatively clearminded and righteous Democrats on whom so much depends, and I suspect only mass demonstrations will finally claw us back from the Weimar analogy we have been so haplessly re-enacting since W. stole a Presidency, McCain picked Palin as a viable Vice-President, and popular vote loser Trump got installed against the wishes of every sane and decent citizen. The Republican Party remains the most dangerous organized force on Earth and the climate change endgame is nigh anyway. Cherish life, hold your loved ones close, do your best, resist the bigots and the bullies, and maybe we'll pull through in time to build a diverse, equitable, consensual, sustainable democracy on the knife's edge. Young people and artists and activists still instill me with whatever measure of hope I manage in this disgusting and stupid epoch.


Esebian said...

Y'know, Dale, it might be just my more radical friends on Twitter rubbing off on me, but the thought occurs America is too far gone to be fixed by mere reform (since, say, the 80s or even earlier), and that only bloody revolution stands a chance of giving it a functional, humane system...

Dale Carrico said...

Maybe so. A lot of people I love will get ground up into hamburger meat by a revolution, and a lot of people I love (many of the them the same people) will get ground up into hamburger meat in the absence of a revolution. Who the fuck am I to know what will work? Nothing works enough, some things work a little for a while. Educate, agitate, organize, divest, sue, abolish, listen, criticize, express, collaborate, problem-solve, regulate, press, march, vote, occupy, make art, help out, call it reform, call it revolution, everything is always too far gone to succeed, everything is always just as possible as ever.