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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday Walk

Such a lovely day -- Eric and I had brunch at our favorite diner (our favorite staff person greeted us with a smile and a "Happy Earth Day, my friends!" which was awesome) then we walked to the Morcom Rose Garden to find hundreds and hundreds of varieties newly in bloom since our last walk there just a couple weeks ago. Stunning, and it's sure to be even more beautiful in a couple more weeks, just impossibly stuffed with blooms. Strange how citrussy rose blooms can be, not stuffy and florid like awful "rosy" air fresheners at all, but lightly sweetening the air with a scent like chewy fruit candy. Bought our Penny a new brush and an elaborate toy to preoccupy her when night falls and she loses her damn mind. I plan to take it easy the rest of this lazy Sunday, maybe a bath and a book, tonight a movie with Eric. Next week Spring term enters its final couple of weeks, and then final grades, final grading, final student sagas are all about to begin... and then just a couple more weeks of frantic preparation before summer intensives begin at Berkeley!

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