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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The NRA / GOP Just Wants More Dead Black Kids


John Sabotta said...

And passing new restrictions on civilian firearm ownership will lead to more black and other non-white people being thrown in prison. As was and is the case with the War on Drugs, of course. Oh, thee hypocricy, it burns!

It is not surprising that both you and that odious fascist, Mencius Moldbug, both favor disarming the people. You have far more in common with each other than either of you would care to admit.

Dale Carrico said...

I am an opponent of the racist war on drugs and further mass incarceration would be an obviously terrible but hardly anything like inevitable result of commonsense gun safety regulations. I disagree that private gun arsenals are a countervailing power to the US military. Unlike you, I believe gun regulations, defunding belligerent US foreign policy, and demilitarizing domestic police forces are very much of a piece. Disagreement isn't necessarily hypocrisy, but, you know, whatever gets you through the night. I will not waste time assuring you I have little in common (even in my seeeecret eeeevil heart which I won't care or ever dare to admit to lest it deeeestroy me) with neoreactionary futurologists against whom I have railed for decades, since I cannot imagine you truly believe that if you have read me with any care and hence you may not be a good faith interlocutor in any case.