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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Reading Today (Redux)

Prepping Oscar Wilde's Soul of Man Under Socialism -- the first and still one of the best arguments for fully automated luxury gay space communism out there -- for my graduate seminar "Queer Manifestations" tomorrow. Also reading Tolstoy and Gandhi for my undergraduate survey of nonviolent resistance politics and problems, "Peace In Pieces" the next day. So, it's mostly reading today, then. All this would be quite a pleasure if it weren't for my nerves, which always do a number on me prior to teaching, especially these days when Trump/Republican cruel stupid racist cishet greedhead authoritarian America always has me on edge, and especially in light of the fresh exposure yesterday of the precarity of my upcoming teaching and livelihood. As is, the hour or so I take off to walk with Eric and our little black metal cart over to the Safeway to buy groceries for the week will probably be the most sane and content I will feel all damn day.

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