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Friday, August 18, 2017


I've handed in my grades, dealt with the now-inevitable student e-mails complaining about these grades, written letters of recommendation, and now I have just under two weeks before my Queer Manifestations graduate seminar and an undergraduate course surveying (and pressuring) the canon of nonviolent politics begin at SFAI in the City. I've got syllabi to prune and polish and an optimal public transportation route to SFAI's new graduate campus at the Fort Mason Art Center to figure out in upcoming days. But despite that, I'm treating these days as a brief but welcome break from work. Just finished Kim Stanley Robinson's New York 2140 (which felt like a lovely coda after the six week "Green Rhetoric" intensive I just completed) and now starting N.K. Jemisin's much garlanded Broken Earth trilogy. Reading for pleasure again, what a concept! Anything to distract me from the dreadful deathly demoralizing drip drip drip of daily news is bolstering for my sanity.

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