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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Very Worried This Is Correct

Very worried that he is succeeding. Very worried about what we are in for.


Anonymous said...

I firmly believe the Trump/Sessions rift is pure theater. Sessions will stay, he will choose not to build cases against any Trump administration people, and be above criticism for it because he and Trump clearly and publicly hate each other (Hint: they don't).

Mueller will also stay and be given wide latitude and assistance and resources to expand his investigation to include the entire 2016 campaign, to include not just Trump, but Hillary, the DNC, the Trump disinformation dossier, and Debbie Wasserman Schulz and her IT guys while head of the DNC as it was being hacked. It will be a disaster, skeletons will float to the surface, and only Trump will be safe from the newly-impartial, totally unconflicted Sessions.

Watch it unfold before your very eyes.

Anonymous said...

It's happening.

Senate Republicans have blocked any path to firing Sessions. Pretty convenient for Trump, don't you think? Trump must keep Sessions on as AG. The public perceives a rift. Sessions is for all practical purposes out of the inner circle. And that's what Trump wants people to think. Sessions now has cover to decline to prosecute anyone in the administration and maintain the appearance of impartiality, because he is basically fired as far as trump is conerned. Everyone is being played.

And the way is now open for Mueller to be led by the nose to the Russian hacking of the DNC, to Debbie Wasserman Schulz who was chair at the time, to her IT staffer who tried to flee the country after wiring hundreds of thousands of dollars to Pakistan, and to the entirety of the 2016 campaign which will besmirch not just Trump and the GOP, but Obama's administration, Hillary, the DNC, and perhaps the Democratic party brand itself.

Hillary was supposed to be in the White House taking care of all this, for Obama and for the party, people weren't as careful as they should have been as a result. But now all that can be done is smashing hard drives and deleting whatever can still be deleted. It's going to be ugly, and the investigation will take forever, leaking little bits and pieces of incriminating information a bit at a time right up until November 2018. If you think Trump isn't going to encourage, resource and support Mueller's investigation and guide him right to the doorsteps of his political enemies, you're probably mistaken.

Dale Carrico said...

You may be right, whoever you are. Or maybe all this disarray and dysfunction *isn't* evidence that Republicans are in complete control of everything and on the verge of exposing all the eeeeeeevil Democrats. Who can say, Anonymous? That things will get ugly is certain. Things are already ugly. Everything is ugly all the way down when the GOP is in charge. This has never not been true a single day in the more than half century of days I have been alive. Apart from that, I feel unsure about most of what is happening from day to day in this country. All I know is that we need to teach alternatives and resist what is happening as best we can until we can't.