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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Usual

A long teaching day ahead, a sleepless night behind. Insomnia is the bane of my existence now. This morning in the City I'll be teaching Debord and Naomi Klein, then this afternoon across the Bay in Berkeley I'll be teaching Cicero. The Roman readings are the ones that truly excite me these days, but exhaustion starts to get in the way and scatter my thoughts a bit by three when my second lecture begins. As Trump would say: Sad! A change of topic, but I really do hope recreational cannabis legalization will make it easier for me to access indica-emphasis edibles to deal with this nightmare insomnia issue (sativas are more raucous fun for me personally, but relief from aches and pains and anxiety and insomnia is what I am pining for) -- I could probably go for a medical use license already but it seems such a bother, and I assume many other people will use recreational legalization to make recourse to what might be deemed legitimate therapeutic uses as well. Just one more reason to approve the proposition if you are wavering (I rather doubt regular readers here would). I am thinking post-legalization reasonably priced reliably dosed edibles will be as deliverable here in the Bay Area as pizzas in no time flat. Hope I am right about that. Nine out of ten of my delivery drivers seem high as kites already, I must say. Anyway, time to gather my notes and my wits and begin the long slog. Wish me luck!

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Chad Lott said...


You don't have to leave your house or put pants to get a rec. Then you can order pretty much any kind of edible you'd want and have it delivered.

For insomnia just go with a 10mg edible or a low THC joint. Kiva dark chocolate indica bars are vegan, too.