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Monday, October 10, 2016

Let's Ask These Undecideds...

People still "undecided" at this point in the election are either incapable of deciding or lying about it. Stop paying attention to them.


jimf said...

> People still "undecided" at this point in the election
> are either incapable of deciding or lying about it.

Or they wear candy-apple red sweaters, just for the
attention. ;->

jimf said...

> Let's Ask These Undecideds...

Back. Slowly. Away.
Are any of you extreme thinkers? (self.intj)
submitted 3 days ago by ltbattlebadger INTJ

I, in a lot of ways, am a very extreme thinker. One example being that
it makes more sense to me to kill convicted murderers or rapists rather
than spend crazy amounts of tax money keeping them imprisoned for the
next 25y - life. Instead, that same money could be used for things like
feeding or housing the poor or virtually anything else.

After Elon Musk's recent talk, I have been very excited about the prospect
of moving to Mars and even worked up a savings plan to put me at the
$200,000 in the next 13y+/-. I was researching Mars terraforming earlier
at work and it seems as though there are many proposed methods that could
very viably work, the only hindrance being money. I look and think about
think very large scale and I got frustrated at this. We could start terraforming
Mars now over the next decade and maybe by the time rocket technology can
start moving people the planet could sustain us better. A colonization effort
would be way more successful and safer with a semi to fully terraformed planet.

Out of my frustration, I turn to my co-worker and try to explain (very poorly,
granted) my frustration. I began to say that it is frustrating that we are
being limited by money, something we kinda just made up. That why can't
we just put money aside, unite as a species to accomplish this very, very
important goal. My coworker was just like "uh... that's slavery..."
But I began to think, is that really all that bad? Obviously whips and chains
and shit are terrible. I'm speaking more like we are globally united with
one common goal, to further our species. To achieve that goal, everyone
will have a job. All creature comforts, food, housing, etc will still
be provided for you.

At this point I feel that I have been ranting for far too long. I will
just leave it here. I look forward to your input and thanks for reading.

. . .

eleitl 3 days ago

You are out of touch with reality. This can become very dangerous to
you personally unless you are aware and can compensate.