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Friday, August 07, 2015

Kasich Continues

I said it five months ago, and I still think it today: must-win state Ohio Governor John Kasich is the Republican Hillary needs to be worrying about, not damn dumb dim Jeb. The Villagers are raising Kasich his very own tire swing in the aftermath of his debate performance while Hillary is getting the death of a thousand petty smears and insinuations -- why, look, her negatives are up! looks like we got ourselves a horse race! Hillary will still win, but a squeaker leaves the Congress more or less in place, which leaves the country more or less nowhere. Even a term in which Clinton was just treading water against the anti-civilizational howling GOP snake-pit would cement Obama's legacy in crucial policy areas and the expected Senate tip back to the Dems, however tenuous, would probably nudge the balance in the Supreme Court one notch back toward sanity. It's not enough in the face of our urgent ecological and economic problems, but enough to make the struggle worth the effort it will take.

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