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Friday, December 19, 2014

So, Now I'm Bingewatching Fringe

Not sure if all this post-teaching marathonization is psychic cleansing or cluttering, but I am still enjoying myself. I need a shave and haircut after all this bunkering, that's for sure. Also, reading up a storm right now: Naguib Mahfouz, Nalo Hopkinson, Margaret Atwood.


Chad Lott said...

I ordered a Nalo Hopkinson book a few days ago, Brown Girl in the Ring.

I kind of swore I was done with post-apocalyptic stuff, but this one seemed interesting, kind of like Starhawk's Ffith Sacred Thing.

Dale Carrico said...

A good one, a bit on the sf/horror cusp, like Tananarive Due -- I strongly recommend Midnight Robber. It's really great.

Chad Lott said...

Cool. I've been on a horror kick ever since True Detective aired. I started Toni Morrison's Beloved last night.