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Monday, June 09, 2014

Two And A Half AIs: Ashton Kutcher Joins the Futurological Brain Trust

James Fehlinger directs my attention to this gem (Jim gave me the spunky title for this post, too):
[The] AI startup, Vicarious... recently received $40m in funding from Mark Zuckerberg, space pioneer Elon Musk, and actor-turned-VC Ashton Kutcher.
I'll bet Ashton like totally wants to hang with Eugene Goostman, dood. Cue the laugh track. That the Turing Test really tests for artificial imbecillence in humans is proved again and again and again. In any case, those who click the link and actually read the grandiose claims of the latest man coding the sooper-brain that will change everything but will not be permitted to "consume" him have further delights in store.


Athena Andreadis said...

Par for the emotional age of those involved.

jimf said...

> I'll bet Ashton like totally wants to hang with Eugene Goostman, dood.

So it turns out that Kevin Warwick (aka "Captain Cyborg") was
involved with that stunt. Surprise, surprise.

"This time, the academic luminaries chosen to judge the Test
included a retired advertising being with no scientific background
(now a Lib Dem peer) and, um … the TV actor and former shoemaker
Robert Llewellyn, whose cybernetics qualifications consist of
having played the neurotic robot Kryten in Red Dwarf."

I hope Brent Spiner has better taste than that. ;->