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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Amor Mundi Is Over Ten Years Old

I was too distracted with teaching and that burst of union organizing to notice back in May that the ten-year anniversary of this blog had come and gone. The first post, May 9, 2004 was this little number. A bit awkwardly written, not so very original, but I still agree with it -- and clearly irritation has been my bloggity muse from the start. I can't say that I imagined at the beginning I would sustain this level of writing here and for so long -- I wonder what I have foregone and what I have foregrounded with this habit. The blog has been an outlet, but I don't know if it has kept me engaged more than it has displaced engagements otherwise. I'm pretty sure that neither the anti-futurological critique nor the sustained elaboration of democratizing rather than smashing the state archived at the sidebar would have been so substantial without the blog.

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