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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More Scorn for the Gunfail Heap

kos is on it. Hell, you know I'm for it. Gunfailures with their open carry prosthetic penises are killer clowns at best, wannabe serial killers at worst. The point is not that one should just ridicule people one disagrees with rather than trying to argue with them and argue against them, but that it is actually also part of being judicious and reasonable to grasp that some positions with which one disagrees are not just wrong but ridiculous, and that it is not only appropriate to ridicule the ridiculous but more proper than not. Pro-choice people and pro sane gun safety regulation people absolutely should stop apologizing both to the forced pregnancy zealots and to the gun-nuts, conceding ground and muddling the clarity of sane righteous stances in order to try to appeal to or seem civil to patently ridiculous nonsense. There is nothing to be gained for sense or civility in pretending the gun-nut brand of crazy or the forced pregnancy brand of zealotry can be reasoned with. Who wants to meet a killer clown halfway? Look how much sense and decency you are walking away from in even making the attempt, quite apart from recognizing how futile the gesture is in any case. Gun nuts and forced pregnancy zealots are stupid and they are evil and anything but utterly marginalizing them as stupid and evil is only enabling stupidity and evil. They are patriarchal pricks, they are ridiculous idiots, and they must be laughed out of town and back into their holes before they hurt themselves or anybody else. And given the always threatening always threatened bearings of assertively insertively masculine selfhood these vile and absurd positions express, they are uniquely vulnerable to ridicule just as they are bolstered by being taken seriously (even if only seriously enough to be disagreed with). Sometimes ridicule really is the only proper rhetorical strategy.

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jollyspaniard said...

The psychopathic don't take criticism very well but there's nothing to be gained by skirting the issue in the hopes that they'll be magnanimous in return. Or in other words ditto.